OKC Students Walk Out Of Class To Protest Against Budget Cuts

Monday, May 16th 2016, 3:16 pm
By: News 9

More than 1,000 students protested on Monday to fight for their education. 

Oklahoma City Public Schools estimated 600 students walked out at U.S. Grant High School, 100 at Jefferson Middle School, 300 at Northwest Classen High School, and 150 at Star Spencer High School.

A junior at U.S. Grant High School named Cassidy Coffey started the rally. She created a Facebook event and it spread quickly over the weekend. At her school, 20 teachers are gone, sports have been cut, and classroom sizes are increasing.

“We’re tired of sitting back and sitting idle and letting the adults make the decisions for us when nothing is happening to them,” Coffey said.

She said this protest is for her and her classmates' future. 

U.S. Grant High School principal Greg Frederick said this was not a school sanctioned event. He said he wished they rallied at the Capitol, but not on a school day. However, he said he understand their concerns about the current education budget.

“I have to say I applaud their tenacity for bringing attention to this crisis that we’re in,” said Frederick.

Students chanted “no budget cuts” in unison across the school parking lot. 

Not all students agree with the protest and many stayed in class, saying they do not want to miss a day in the classroom. But for Coffey, it was about making a difference. 

“One day can make a difference for the rest of my days. This day is not a wasted day in education,” she said.