Local Artist's Legacy Lives On In Metro Cafe

Tuesday, May 17th 2016, 2:33 pm
By: Karl Torp

The work of a local artist is now on display at a metro restaurant.

Tragically Mark Pulliam died from complications due to a cancerous brain tumor before his work was hung on the walls.

“When he was first diagnosed, he promised he would fight,” said Karla Pulliam, whose husband was diagnosed in October 2015 with a glioblastoma.

Mark’s paintings serve of a reminder to Karla of her husband’s passion for art.

“He just loved it,” said Karla.

Mark had a degree in Math. In his paintings of animals, there's a symmetry to the shapes and colors. Mark's goal to was survive long enough to see his work on display at the Picasso Café in the Paseo District, which picked his paintings to cover their wall for the month of May.

“He wasn’t even concerned about selling it, which is great for an artist. He wanted people to see his art and enjoy it,” said Karla

Mark passed days before the paintings went up. The work can now be seen and purchased through the restaurant through June 2.

“He just wanted people to see the beauty of it. He thought art should be beautiful not ugly,” said Karla Pulliam.