Remote Texters May Be Held Liable For Distracted Driver's Crash

Wednesday, May 18th 2016, 8:57 am
By: News 9

Texting and driving is a deadly danger on America's roads. Now, there may be a new way to get people to take the issue even more seriously.

Nationally, more than 300,000 crashes involve texting each year. Now, there may be a new way to stop the problem. Texters may be held responsible even if they're not driving.

Several lawsuits are now being filed against remote texters holding them liable, in part, for an accident if they know the person they are texting is driving.

In a Pennsylvania case, a judge ruled two people texting the driver who hit and killed a motorcyclist could be included in a wrongful death lawsuit.

"It's a high bar but if you have evidence the remote texter Knew the recipient was driving and knew would check messages, you could have basis for liability," said Patrick Angel, Personal Injury Attorney.

Attorneys said the cases could open new was to increase the consequences of texting and driving.