Edmond Woman Wants To Break Misconceptions Of Having Backyard Chickens

Sunday, May 29th 2016, 2:32 pm
By: News 9

Bethany Hutton started a group called Edmond Urban Chickens about two weeks ago.

The Facebook page has more than 400 likes, and the petition has more than 500 signatures to spread the word.

Currently, the City of Edmond has an ordinance prohibiting backyard chickens.

Hutton believes there is no good reason for having a rule like this. She said there are so many misconceptions about backyard chickens and she is fighting to keep hers in Edmond.

She currently has about 30 chickens in her backyard. Hutton said her chickens are so quiet and clean, and her neighbors didn’t know about them for months.

“I want to be able to teach my child that food doesn’t come from a Styrofoam container and that a sustainable way of life is something that we want to work toward,” Hutton said.

She and her family have fresh organic eggs laid every day. She said her chickens are cleaner and more quiet compared to her dogs. Plus, Hutton said the waste can be reused as fertilizer.

“Like any pet, they are as dirty and smelly as you allow them to be and being a responsible pet owner is on  you,” said Hutton.

This week, members of Edmond Urban Chickens will meet with the city attorney to start talking about changing the law. Hutton said they will bring it to city council as well.

She said several other cities are allowing backyard chickens and wants Edmond to allow it too.