Guthrie Man Found In Stolen Pickup, Arrested On Outstanding Warrant

Monday, May 30th 2016, 11:14 pm
By: News 9

Just three months after he was released from prison, a Guthrie teen was arrested for a similar crime.

After serving time for driving a stolen car, the teen was caught this time asleep inside a missing pickup.

Police say it was a rude awakening for 19-year-old Brett Jenkins asleep on the seat of a 1981 GMC pickup.

A pickup the Stout Greenhouse reported missing to Guthrie police the night before.

Though it wasn't long before the old yellow pickup was found, according to court documents, just a few hours later a couple miles down the road.

A tip led Guthrie investigators to a grassy area where officers noticed "a trail made by a vehicle" leading them to Jenkins.

In the bed of the truck, officers found several stolen items including a weed eater, generator, tools, gas cans and a shovel. 

Also in the pickup was a pair of boots. Police say "the boot tread matched the boot treat found ... in the barn at Stout's Greenhouse".

Jenkins was immediately arrested.

Court records show this is not the first time Guthrie police arrested the teen after a short stint in prison.

In March, police say they found Jenkins and three others in the basement of the 89'er Bowling Alley. 

The officer reported smelling weed in the basement as the four boys emerged.

Jenkins was arrested and charged for trespassing.

And turns out, when officers found him inside the truck he was also wanted for skipping out on court appearances for that charge.

Jenkins remains in the Logan County jail. He'll be in court next month to face these new charges.