Amputee, 9, To Compete In UCO Endeavor Games

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 1:41 pm
By: News 9

A young athlete in Pottawatomie County is named Hope and that is exactly what she brings to those around her.

Hope Smith was 18 months old when her right leg was amputated. She was born with a missing tibia.

“Back in the spring at school, they wrote the things that make them sad and one of the things she wrote down was that she was slower than all the other kids,” her mother Stormi Boland said.

Hope was always trying to keep up with her classmates. In the last year, she finally could. Hope got a new prosthetic running leg that made her unstoppable.

“It’s changed our lives. Her running leg makes her so much faster,” Stormi Boland said.

“I just want to have it on and run really fast,” Hope said.

Next week, the 9-year-old girl is competing in swimming, wheelchair basketball and running events at the UCO Endeavor Games. Her mom said she has been practicing, and this year will be her first time swimming.

The UCO Endeavor Games is only the start of Hope’s busy summer.

She spent the past few days going door to door at Shawnee businesses. She handed out flyers to business owners and managers to raise awareness for disabled athletes and raise funds for an event hosted by the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The event is coming up in October in San Diego, California. Hope needs to raise $1,500 to go on this trip. If so, she’ll be able to run and swim in clinics hosted by the Challenged Athletes Foundation and possibly learn how to surf.

Stormi Boland said any and all additional donations will be given to the foundation.

Some businesses donated directly to her. Some agreed to put donation jars on the front counter. Hope and her mother appreciate the generosity of the community.

All the fundraising is putting hope a big leap closer to her goal while hopefully inspiring others.

Hope’s mom wants to make sure her daughter’s disability doesn’t disable her. She wants Hope to run, swim, play basketball and surf like any other kid.

Click here to help Hope on her journey or contact her mother Stormi Boland at (405) 306-7554.