Residents Say Egrets Are Wreaking Havoc In SE OKC Neighborhood

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 5:26 pm
By: Karl Torp

A southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood has gone to the birds. Thousands of them are making it look like the scene of an Alfred Hitchcock movie.

Neighbors said they're going nuts with the noise and the smell.

“These birds are ridiculous,” said Gina Keeton. Keeton lives on the 900 block of SE 13.

“You can’t come outside because you are afraid of being rained on by them,” Keeton said.

The deluge of droppings started weeks ago when the birds set up their “rookery” as it’s called for a second year in a row in neighborhood trees.

The nests can be spotted from at least a half dozen homes on SW 13. 

Keeton has breathing problems and the stench from feces concentrated enough to strip trees of their green isn't helping.

“You open the door to get fresh air and you can’t,” Keeton said.

Since the migrating birds and their nests are federally protected there isn’t much the neighbors can do until the egrets fly south, but that won't happen until the fall.

Wildlife experts say when the birds leave, neighbors must trim back trees and make their backyards less inviting or the egrets will be back.