Judge Rules State To Pay For Defense Of Adacia Chambers

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 5:35 pm
By: News 9

A judge rules the state will partially fund Adacia Chamber's defense during her trial. Chambers is accused of driving into a crowd at the OSU homecoming parade last fall. She's pleaded not guilty.

Chambers' attorney said state funding was imperative and the only way Chambers would get a proper defense.

For her family, the ruling came as a sense of relief. 

“It's just a bad deal that happened for everybody and our thoughts and prayers are for everybody. If I was a billionaire I would help everyone of them, I honestly would,” said Adacia’s father, Floyd Chambers.

But after reviewing the Chambers' finical records, Judge Kistler decided the Chamber family does not have the money to pay for Adacia's defense, so the state is stepping in.

Money, Chambers' attorney Tony Coleman will use to pay an expert psychologist to testify about her mental state at the time of the crash. 

“It's not really a certain amount right now. There are going to be limits as to what we can and cannot do,” said defense attorney Tony Coleman.

The state questioned if the Chambers ever believed they'd have the funds to pay Coleman. Adacia's father told the judge "through hope and prayer we believe God will provide".

Floyd Chambers also said recent weather has prevented him from working and the website GoFundMe.com denied a request for a fundraising page.

At this time, the Chambers have only paid a $10,000 of the owed $50,000 to their attorney.

"I can't even express all the people's support around the community. I expect a lot of people to talk bad; the victims that have been injured don't even have anything bad to say,” said Floyd.

A tentative trial date for Adacia Chambers is set for January 10, 2017. The state estimates it will take about a month.