Surveillance Video Captures Photos Of Men Burglarizing Cars In NW OKC

Wednesday, June 1st 2016, 5:54 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A couple Northwest Oklahoma City neighborhoods were hit by car burglars going house to house in the middle of the night.  

Those who live in the area say it happened early Monday and Tuesday morning in the North Hampton and Robin Ridge neighborhoods.  Fortunately, a lot of people who live there have security cameras that caught clear video of the believed thieves.

That includes Steve Bailey who checked his surveillance system after another neighbor alerted him to the break-ins.  His car was locked, but he watched on the video as the thieves went through his neighbor’s cars, including that of Uldis Reinfelds who lives down the street.

“Oh yeah, I can see it’s been gone through,” said Reinfelds when Bailey altered him to what he saw.

Luckily Reinfelds said the thieves didn't get much.

“Didn’t take the change, I don’t know what they got,” he said as he looked through his car.

But in hopes of catching the thieves, Steve and his neighbors have been sharing surveillance pictures and information through the Next Door app.

“Any pictures anyone gets, it’s the same 17-18 year old looking kids,” said Bailey.

Anyone who recognizes the people in the video is asked to call police.