Big 12 Votes To Keep Intra-Conference Transfer Penalties

Thursday, June 2nd 2016, 11:14 am
By: News 9

The Big 12 failed to pass a rule change that would have reduced the penalty for in-conference walk-on transfers Wednesday. The vote was 5-5.

Let’s say, hypothetically, a quarterback walks-on at Texas Tech for a year and then decides to transfer. Under Big 12 rulse, said player must sit out a season and lose that year of eligibility if he transfers to another Big 12 school, say Oklahoma for instance.

The rule is in place to keep intra-conference transfers from happening frequently if at all.

At the moment it bars Baker Mayfield from a fourth-year of play.

"I'm incredibly disappointed the rule change proposal wasn't passed today at Big 12 meetings,” said OU coach Bob Stoops in a statement.

“I hope the conference will reconsider its decision and put the welfare of student-athletes first. It only makes sense for the Big 12's rules to be consistent with those of the NCAA when it comes to non-scholarship walk-on student-athletes. Yes, today's vote impacts Baker Mayfield, but in reality this is about all student-athletes in all sports at Big 12 schools. Again, I'm disappointed for Baker, but also for anyone down the road who may be negatively impacted by today's vote."