OKC Jazz Fest Promoter Says He Canceled Performances Due To 'Weather Threat'

Monday, June 6th 2016, 4:32 pm
By: Karl Torp

Local musicians are upset after their performances in the OKC Jazz Fest this weekend were canceled, seemingly out of the blue.

The bands aren't buying the excuse they got from the promoter.

“I’ve gotten a lot of emails from fans saying ‘What happened?’ ‘Where were you?’” Justin Young said.

Young was scheduled to play his saxophone Saturday, but his gig was canceled.

Four other bands we also scheduled to play at the Deep Deuce Grill that afternoon.

OKC Jazz Fest promoter Mike McAuliffe canceled the outdoor venue because of the threat of inclement weather.

Nothing severe was predicted for the metro Saturday afternoon and skies remained clear all day over Deep Deuce.

Young said he thinks the promoter may have run out of money and canceled on the five bands, not due to the weather, but because he couldn't pay them.

“There was really a disconnect between what the organizer was saying and what was happening,” Young said.

McAuliffe wouldn’t do an on-camera interview with News 9, but said he stands behind the decision.

In a statement, McAuliffe said there was heavy rain in Norman.

McAuliffe felt the rain threat outweighed “the costs of putting on a free outdoor event.”  

The promoter said he also invited Young and the members of the other five bands to see one of the Jazz Fest headlines, The Gap Band, for free.