Kansas Authorities Arrest Man Accused Of Norman Homicide

Tuesday, June 7th 2016, 10:17 pm
By: News 9

On the run for nearly six months, the alleged gunman in a Norman shooting was arrested in Kansas.

Police think Tevin Hicks is responsible for killing an innocent man who was outside smoking.

Hicks is now the third man arrested for the December murder. An arrest that began as a tip that Kansas authorities received about where Hicks was hiding.

“It's a relief to the family. Just a little relief, but not much,” said Jeannie Keeling.  

Keeling's days are still filled with "what if's" as she mourns the loss of her husband of 20 years. A man she knew she'd marry at 11 years old.

Next Tuesday marks six months since Kenneth Keeling was killed while smoking on the balcony of his Summerfield Village Apartment.

"There was (sic) people standing down below and then I heard pow, pow,” said Keeling.

Investigators say Kenneth Keeling wasn't the target of the shooting, but rather caught in the middle of retaliation.

“The question is why? Why did they have to even bring a gun?” she said.

Mathias Oropeza, Anthony Mundell and Tevin Hicks are all charged with first-degree murder. Investigators arrested Oropeza and Mundell a few weeks after the shooting.

Despite numerous sightings, Hicks remained on the run until Monday.

“Over the last six months we've had numerous tips come in regarding his whereabouts that placed him in various state, various cities within Oklahoma, even tips that put him outside of the United States,” Norman police spokeswoman Sarah Jensen said.

Investigators think Hicks moved around many times over the past several months before he was found in Independence, Kansas, more than 200 miles from the scene of the crime.

“I am just glad that he got caught. And that now justice will be served and he will get what is coming to him,” Jeannie Keeling said.

Hicks is still in Kansas waiting to be extradited back to Cleveland County.