New Insight On Deadly Houston Plane Crash, OK Family Releases Statement

Friday, June 10th 2016, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

For the first time, News 9 heard from the family of the three Oklahomans killed when their plane crashed in Houston.

Security camera footage from the hardware store where the plane crashed, shows the plane was in a flat spin at the moment of impact. Out of respect for the family and because it is so upsetting, News 9 chose to only show a still image taken from the video before the crash.

Air Traffic Control: “Ma'am. Ma'am uh straighten up! Straighten up!”

The final words spoken to Dana Gray from an air traffic controller as she made her third attempt to land at Houston Hobby airport.

On board Tony Gray, his wife Dana who was flying, and his brother Jerry. The three were headed to Houston to visit the brothers' father in the hospital.

Surveillance video outside the hardware store gives federal investigators a better understanding of the crash.

Sky News 9 pilot Jim Gardner has 30 years of experience flying both helicopters and planes also watched the surveillance video.

“It went into a stall, you can basically tell that as it came down. Somewhere in there whatever the maneuver where she made too tight of a turn or something. Something caused the aircraft to stall,” said Gardner.

The same preliminary findings as National Transportation Safety Board investigators.

The sudden deaths of Tony, Dana, and Jerry continue to leave their family and friends numb.

“He loved his job. He really, really loved spending time with Dana,” said Jeremy Lewis, a family friend. 

Jeremy Lewis coached the Gray's son nearly a decade ago and remained close with the family. Lewis remembers his laid back friend as one who always put others first.

He will now forever cherish their last trip together to Miami for the Orange Bowl.

“We were actually supposed to fly, Dana was going to fly us down there and he talked me into riding in his motor home... looking back it was a lucky thing on my part being ablest spend hanging out talking to him,” said Lewis.

The Gray family released a statement Friday saying:

Tony and Dana Gray left behind 5 children. Jerry Gray left behind his wife, 4 children and three grandchildren. They left a large extended family. They had so much love for everybody and have helped so many people. They were our families team captain. The answer givers. They were the people we go to for answers to our problems. It doesn't matter who you are, they were there. Whether you met them once or was part of their family, they left a mark on your life. They were family men. Family was their priority over everything. Dana Gray was always the cheerleader. Anywhere she was needed she was there, with class and beauty. The all-inclusive family member that we all loved that was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. They were on their way to see their dad who is being treated at MD Anderson for cancer. They knew they were needed and they were going to be there, with the matriarch and patriarch of our family. Please pray for our family, we lost our husbands, fathers, mother, sisters, brothers, cousins, best friends, role models, and children. The very people we would depend on to guide us in a situation like this. Unfortunately, Jerry, tony and Dana will have to be our guardians in heaven. We will miss them, their smiles, laughs, and all the love and joy they instilled into our family. We have our memories and we know that God has gained 3 angels. They were amazing people, we look around and normally they are the people that take the reins, grab your hands and say we have this. I would rather them be remembered for the people they were rather than the tragedy. They were loved by so many people, an outpouring from the community. Amazing how many people's lives they have touched.”