Family Says Their Daughter Was Killed, Found By Road In Spencer

Sunday, June 12th 2016, 11:08 pm
By: News 9

Family members identified a woman whose body was found Friday near Spencer.

Family members told News 9 the woman's name is Tammy Elston.

"She was my daughter, and she was very talented," Cindy Cloninger said.

Give her any instrument, and she could play it.

"Here's a picture of her with a guitar of course," her mother said. "Bass guitar, drums, saxophone."

Her talents were many, but her struggle with addiction was greater than all of them combined.

"It's kind of hard to say all this," Cloninger said.

Words are too difficult to come up with about a problem that affects more than just the user. Elston wasn't only a daughter.

She was the mother of three children.

Police found her body near the intersection of NE 36 and Richardson Avenue in Spencer and since then have taken Keenan Holcomb into custody in connection with her death.

Her family said Elston was killed at her Norman apartment and then left on the side of the road. They learned what happened right on the eve of another tragic time, the death of one of Tammy's son.

"He was killed two years ago tomorrow," Joe Cloninger said.

Cindy Cloninger holds his picture, one of many.

"I enjoy pictures," she said.

And while looking at them may be emotional, a little humor can cover a lot of pain.

"What really caught my attention in all these pictures is the old no smoking sign on the wall," she chuckled.

It's not easy to share such intimate details, especially given the circumstances, but if by opening up about Elston's struggle can touch just one person for Joe and Cindy Cloninger, it's worth it.

"If this helps another family we have no problem," Joe Cloninger said.

Elston's parents said they'd like to get inside her apartment to get her son's ashes, but so far, haven't been allowed inside despite with police assistance.