Rescue Crews Continue Search For Missing Duncan Boy

Monday, June 13th 2016, 10:41 pm
By: News 9

The search continues for an 8-year-old boy out of Duncan who has been missing since Sunday morning.

Duncan police and about a dozen other agencies are searching. Residents are also checking their neighborhoods.

Damion’s great-aunt, Kathy Davidson, said the whole family is concerned.

“The first thing I did was drop to my knees and pray,” said Davidson.

Police said Damion Alexander Davidson is autistic and non-verbal. He was wearing Captain America pajama pants, a red shirt and black socks when he got out of his house.

Police started searching around his home on the 1400 block of N. 7 Street. He got out of the house while everyone else was sleeping.

“When his mother woke up, she found some items stacked up in front of the door so he could unlock the door to get outside,” Duncan police Lt. John Byers said.

Crews got tips of other locations to search.

In a surveillance video, Damion is seen trying to open the doors of a closed Dollar General store.

Later on in the morning, he was captured on another surveillance camera at Chisholm Corner on N. Beech Avenue and N. 10th Street.

Damion was by himself at both stores.

Police are concerned because the family said Damion has a fascination with storms and water. The City of Duncan has gotten about 10 inches of rain since Sunday.

“Our fear, as well as everybody else’s, is that he either got trapped in the water, or the worst fear that we recover him instead of finding him,” Byers said.

Along the banks of Claridy Creek, his pajamas were found caught three feet up on a tree. Search dogs are using the scent to try and locate Damion.

Davidson hopes he will be reunited safely with is mother.

“Come home. We’re going to take you home to  mommy,” Davidson said.

She said the community has been helping with search and support and she is grateful for all the help.

Byers said they will not give up until Damion is found.

Trained search crews are looking along the creeks for him. Police are asking neighbors to search their neighborhoods, to check their backyards, look in sheds, peak underneath cars.

They are telling people to search anywhere where a 4 foot tall, 50 pound boy can fit and to check over and over again.