Oklahoma City VA Hospital Making Improvements

Wednesday, June 15th 2016, 9:55 pm
By: News 9

Horror stories told by families about veteran health care has haunted VA hospitals for decades. But there are signs things have been improving in OKC. 

Wade Vlosich took over as CEO of the VA Medical Center in Oklahoma City three weeks ago. He said getting better access to health care, and decreasing wait times are two of his highest priorities. 

“I think everybody wants to do the right thing. I think we all just need to get in one direction and move forward,” said Vlosich.

Jack DeLier is a World War II Veteran who will turn 97-years-old next month. He said his visit to the VA hospital last week, went much better than he would ever have expected.

“It was outstanding. I was surprised and enlightened,” said DeLier.

Dale Graham is a Vietnam War Veteran who founded “Veteran’s Corner” in Goldsby, 26 years ago. That organization helps veterans file the correct paperwork to get the benefits they deserve. 

“The VA has been under the gun for the last several years, and they should have been under the gun,” said Graham.

However, Graham said the VA’s shortfalls of the past had to do with being overworked and under-staffed more than anything. He said he’s seen a dramatic improvement over the past few years. 

“Nobody should die waiting on health care,” said Graham.

Vlosich said he plans to hire three surgeons in the near future. 

“We’re looking to expand in any ways that we can in order to meet the needs of veterans,” said Vlosich.