Moore Police Reminding Residents Solicitors Must Have Permit

Thursday, June 16th 2016, 10:15 pm
By: News 9

The Moore Police Department has responded to recent rumors and concerns about door-to-door solicitors. 

Over the past week, neighbors have spotted two women going door to door selling laundry detergent. The strange item for sale raised suspicion that the detergent was poisoned.

“And when the person that was being asked to buy the detergent sniffed it, it could render them unconscious for some amount of time and this would allow the persons to enter their home and take whatever they wanted,” said Lt. Kyle Dudley, Moore Police Department.

Moore investigators never found this to be true. But they say it's a good reminder to be aware of who comes to your door, and to always check for a permit.

“It's not hard to get a solicitor's permit so when somebody doesn't go through the proper steps to get one we wonder why,” said Lt. Dudley.

Police say no permit could mean the people at your door are not who they say they are and could be thieves casing your home.

A good reason to always ask to see the salesman's permit.

On Wednesday, investigators arrested two women trying to sell a vacuum cleaner and detergent to a Moore woman, neither were permitted solicitors.

“The officers that responded to the scene had dealt with these women prior earlier in the week and told them they needed to get a solicitors permit,” said Lt. Dudley.

So far, police aren't connecting the two arrested women to the other sighting, but say this is a good reminder to be aware before you open the door.