Paramedic Helps Father Deliver Baby At Home

Sunday, June 19th 2016, 10:53 pm
By: News 9

One Edmond dad is enjoying the perfect Father's Day gift. 

"Sometimes, he just has the magic touch," Shawanda Watson said. "They have a special bond."

Arthur Watson held the tiny little hands and feet of his newborn daughter.

"It was a surreal experience to say the least," he said.

One not many father's have with their children, but Arthur Watson and little Aja do and in just in time for Father's Day.

One week ago Sunday, Shawanda got up before the sun and knew something wasn't right.

"I wake up about 4:30 (a.m.), and I hear 'I think the baby's coming. I think the baby's coming,'" Arthur Watson said.

Arthur Watson called 911 and EMSA paramedics walked him through the delivery.

Paramedic: "Sir, can you hear me?"

Arthur Watson: "Yeah. The baby's coming out."

Paramedic: "The baby's coming out? ... Is the baby crying or breathing?"

Arthur Watson: "Crying and breathing."

But she's not crying now and is cuddled up safe and sound in the arms of the first person she met when entering this world, her dad.

"It's a blessing," Shawanda Watson said. "I'm glad she's here, and she's ok."

One week later on Father's Day, the family met the 911 dispatcher who walked them through this miracle and the paramedic who responded.

"What better Father's Day gift than to help your own child be born," Arthur Watson said. "I consider it a good story to tell her when she's older."