More Than Two Dozen Dogs Rescued From NW OKC Home

Wednesday, June 22nd 2016, 10:18 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Animal Welfare found 42 dogs in a northwest Oklahoma City home and rescued 38 of them. 

Four were left behind, because that is the legal limit for dogs at an Oklahoma City residence, Oklahoma City Animal Welfare spokeswoman Julie Bank said.

The dogs were so petrified Wednesday afternoon, some piled on top of each other in the corner of a room at the shelter.

But the babies of the bunch seemed to be handling the new, temporary home a little better.

In all, 38 dogs taken from the home near Council and Hefner.

“You could tell that there were dogs there. You could smell that there were dogs there, but it wasn’t one of those cases where it was a ridiculous amount of feces or animals that were skin and bones,” said Bank.

Animal Welfare officers do not think the animals were abused, but with this many dogs living under one roof, Bank said neglect is unavoidable.

The couple taking care of them thought they were doing the right thing and believed they’d rescued the animals, Bank said.

But what made it worse was that some of the dogs were not sterilized. Some are pregnant with a litter of pups now.

“It takes no time for your four animals to turn into 38 animals, if you’re going to continue to take in more than you can handle and not spay, neuter them and do the right thing,” she explained.

Bank said the owners will be cited for no kennel license or proof of vaccinations.

Despite an emotional goodbye to their dogs, Bank said they actually thanked the shelter for helping them find the animals new homes.

They're not ready to be adopted just yet. Some of them are too young or are pregnant and will need foster care first. The shelter will update News 9 when the animals will be available.

The facility is open seven days a week and offers all kinds of free services for pet owners. The shelter also takes in unwanted animals at no cost.