OK Lobbying Group Files Complaint Against Proposed Penny Sales Tax

Thursday, June 23rd 2016, 6:32 pm
By: News 9

Antonio Flores has been teaching music in Oklahoma City public schools for five years.

He says it’s, “the place I feel the most comfortable so summer is hard because I feel that I’m out of my home.”

But not out of work, Flores says he has a side job to make ends meet.

He says he was hopeful a proposed sales tax on the ballot SQ 779 would help ease some financial burdens.

It’s a penny sales tax, that would grant $5,000 raises to teachers across the state.

Representatives with OCPA Impact and Oklahoma based advocacy group filed a complaint against the sales proposal, claiming some of the petition language was inaccurate.

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Oklahoma Education Association president, Alicia Priest calls the move, a bump in the road.

“It just makes you slow down for a bit, you still get to your destination which is a vote of the people,” says Priest.

According to Priest the original penny tax petition received more than 3000,000 signatures of support; more than enough to keep her fighting for teacher raises.