Extra Security On Hand At OKC Pride Events

Saturday, June 25th 2016, 11:58 pm
By: News 9

The 29th annual OKC Pride weekend is well underway but security is a little different this year.

Multiple organizations are stepping up to ensure a safe weekend in light of recent threats to the gay community in Orlando and California.

It’s been two weeks since 49 people were shot and killed at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando.

But more than a thousand miles away in Oklahoma City, the fear in the LGBTQ community has not faded.

People attending this year’s OKC Pride say they were uneasy about potential threats here.

“(Like) some crazy person was going to run through and shoot at us,” said Oklahoma City resident Amber Fixico.

Others at OKC Pride say despite tragic events, it doesn’t take long to catch onto the spirit of love.

“It was an awful thing that happened in Orlando and like my heart goes out to those people and their families, but being here, everyone is happy and there’s a positive energy, people are happy and loving,” said Hayley Harvey.

Despite all the smiles and laughter on Saturday, there is one thing being taken very seriously; security.

OKC Pride organizers have invited a team from the Oklahoma City Police Department, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI.

Attendees will notice the difference before stepping foot into the venue.

Many at the event including Fixico said the precautions are worth the sense of security.

"Everyone that’s coming out is showing that we’re not afraid and we’re going to stand up regardless and be who we are,” she said.

Pride weekend continues through Sunday night.