Libertarians On The Ballots In Oklahoma

Tuesday, June 28th 2016, 6:30 pm
By: News 9

This year, the Libertarian party is being recognized in the state of Oklahoma.

Since March, more than 800 voters have either switched over or newly registered as Libertarians. For a short period of time before April 1, voters already registered to a party were allowed to change parties, but there is now a blackout period until August 31.

Dax Ewbank, a Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, believes the numbers will increase after the blackout time frame.

Ewbank said March was a big month for the Libertarian party in Oklahoma.

“We were going to operate as a party regardless, but knowing that we were being on the ballot and we would be able to run candidates really excited us,” he said.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board, here is a breakdown of registered voters:

  • 807 Libertarians
  • 838,563 Democrats
  • 929,875 Republicans
  • 281,760 Independents
  • 11 Americans Elect

The Libertarians and the Democrats this year are allowing Independent voters to cast Libertarian or Democratic ballots. Republicans are not allowing it.

With that ability, Ewbank is hopeful that they will garner more votes during Tuesday’s primaries.

"Considering they are a brand new political party and just getting started, that doesn’t seem like a really small number. It takes a while to build up registration,” Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax.

The State Election Board said they spent $50,600 to print Libertarian ballots, factoring in independents who may change their vote that way.