Ceiling Collapses On Mother, Daughter In Metro Apartment

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 5:48 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City woman said she woke up to her Oak Grove apartment ceiling falling on top of her and her 4-year-old daughter.

Through all the pain and thousands of dollars in medical bills, she said she’s now looking for answers.

“All I heard was crackling and I heard her screaming,” said Chasity Chavez.

It was a wake-up call Chasity Chavez and her 4-year-old daughter never saw coming.

“When woke up and jumped up the piece of ceiling has already hit my leg,” said Chavez.

Ceiling drywall from her public housing apartment crumbling on her family. She said the majority fell on her leg, but her daughter was also hit in the head.

With the hole unfixed, that nervousness is still there for Chasity. She said she feels uncomfortable in the apartment.

Public housing representatives provided her with a new home the same day of the accident, in the same neighborhood. They also gave her two weeks to move, that period was up Thursday, June 30.

She said being a single mom dealing with lingering injuries has made things difficult.

“It’s overwhelming, I don’t like to show my feelings, but this right here is not right,” said Chavez.

Chavez said after going to the hospital for her pain, she racked up a more than $2,400 bill.

News 9 reached out to housing authority administrators and learned they can cover the cost, but they need Chasity’s billing info.

“I didn’t wake up one morning and ask for my roof to fall on me and have a medical bill,” said Chavez.

Chavez said the moving process has been overwhelming.

As of Thursday, she said still hasn’t received or sent the housing authority a bill.