Some Republican Delegates Begin 'Dump Trump' Movement

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 6:59 pm

When you vote in a primary you aren't really voting for a candidate; you're voting for a delegate who promises to vote for the candidate for you. But some delegates are trying to change the rules mid-game to avoid voting for Donald Trump.

Some of 112 members of the Republican National Committee's Rules Committee received e-mails from delegates that read: "By handing the nomination to the worst republican candidate to ever run for president in the history of our party, we are guaranteeing Hillary's win in November." And asking the Rules Committee to enforce a so called "Conscience clause", where delegates can vote for who they want to, not necessarily who voters backed. 

Gary Jones is one of two people on the Rules Committee in Oklahoma. He said that would mean your vote means nothing.

"That's what it means,” said Jones. “And that being said I think that we're there as representatives of those voters and that we should vote accordingly."

Jones doubts the rules will be changed though. He said it would cause too much damage to the Republican Party.

"If we change the rules and selected a different nominee I think it would bring different people in. But I think it would cause more people to flee and say you know what? You're not playing fair and ultimately I don’t want to be involved in that,” said Jones.

Carol Hefner is a Trump Supporter. She said asking for a rules change is nothing more than dirty politics.

"We go to other nations and we fight for these other nations’ right to be able to vote. To be able to live in a democratic society and here we are as republicans trying to undermine that very premise,” said Hefner. “It's sickening. It is disgusting. And to me is extremely petty and small."

As for the delegates pressuring the rules committee, Hefner said, "Picky and fit throwing and tantrum throwing people who just want to throw a wrench in the system. I would say that they probably aren't even republican at this point."

Jones said he believes the delegates sending the e-mails are part of a small but vocal group wanting to dump Trump and he doubts they'll be successful at getting the rules changed.