Canadian Co. Officials To Use Drone During Disasters

Thursday, June 30th 2016, 10:07 pm
By: News 9

Canadian County officials plan to put their drone to use in several different ways. Initially, five people will be trained to fly it and it will be ready to use very soon.

Canadian County commissioners just pulled the trigger on purchasing a new tool that will soon to fly in the skies above disasters. A six-rotor drone, or hexacopter, will give first responders a valuable view.

Emergency Management will deploy the new drone after severe weather strikes and when wildfires spread. Director Timothy Smith said it could also help with road and bridge inspections as well as missing persons searches.

Cameras mounted to the drone will be connected to screens in a van recently purchased by the county, giving crews on the ground a live look at what they capture.

“To use that drone will be key in at least zoning in right to where everybody is and where the resources are needed instead of having to go through and look in an area where we’re just not sure,” Smith said.

The technology cost about $7,900, according to Smith, a price tag Commissioner Marc Hader said could prove well worth it when seconds count - saving time and potentially saving lives.

Hader said residents do not have to worry about privacy. He said the drones will only be used for official purposes.