Good Samaritans Help Pay For Stabbed Dog's Medical Bill

Saturday, July 2nd 2016, 10:56 pm
By: News 9

Jerry Butler took his dog Jerry Jr. into a nearby veterinary clinic Thursday night with a stab wound.

He was only able to afford pain medication and some antibiotics.

One family in particular saw Jerry Jr.'s story Friday night and decided to track him down and help.

In addition to a name, Butler and his dog share the kind of love you only see between man and man's best friend.

“He’s like my son,” Butler said.

Junior risked his life to protect his owner during a car break-in and walked away with a serious stab wound.

Christine and Pete Stevens were just two of the thousands of people watching the story.

“We needed to help,” Pete Stevens said.

Their quest started with tracking down the two Jerrys.

"We got in the truck and drove down there, and walked around the complex until we found him and we just asked for Jerry and Jerry Jr. until we found him,” Pete Stevens said.

That's when they made Butler a promise to cover the cost of the rest of Jerry Jr.'s medical needs.

News 9 met the Stevenses at the Animal Emergency and Surgical Center where Jerry Jr. was first taken.

Medical staff at the center confirmed fixing Jerry Jr. wouldn't be cheap.

But like many other News 9 viewers, Christine and Pete Stevens were so moved by the story, they agreed to pay for the majority of his procedures.

True to their word, the Stevenses covered the rest and sealed the deal with a donation to Safe Haven Animal Rescue.

"When we grew up we didn’t have anything so when  we got where we got something and we can help, we’re glad to help," Pete Stevens said.

Jerry Jr. is expected to be stitched up and ready to go home Sunday.