Fans React To Durant's Decision To Leave Oklahoma City

Monday, July 4th 2016, 4:34 pm

KD's decision, as you can imagine, isn't sitting too well with fans. The Chesapeake Arena felt more like a Funeral Home Monday, as fans filed past KD's picture. Most shared memories. Some even cried.

“No! I'm gonna die. Aahhhh!” Thunder fan Jeannie Hall hadn't heard about KD's decision to sign with Golden State until she showed up at the Chesapeake Arena on Monday.

“I was going to come out here, take a picture, be like ‘Yeah KD's staying’ and then we hear the bad news he's leaving,” Hall said, wiping away tears. “Because my little grandson, he idolizes him. So, it's bad.”

Hall wasn't alone. Folks snapped shots of Kevin Durant's picture while it's still up at the arena.

“It is what it is,” fan Les Midyette said. “I mean, he did it for a basketball decision. Yes, he will probably win a ring. I mean that's almost a guarantee now.” 

Thunder fan Eugene Jackson was more upset.  

“That’s devastating to me. I thought he was staying. I really didn’t think he would leave. This was his home,” Jackson said.

One guy wore a KD Jersey with “Traitor” on the back and a sign that said...something we can't say on TV. Hall let him have it. 

“Man, there's no way you should be out here with this sign like this. That's crazy,” Hall said, raising her voice. “Don't do that because KD did all he could for this city dude. At the end of the day, without KD what was to become of the city? It wasn't no come up. Without KD it wasn't no OKC.”