Man Asks Thunder Fans To Donate Old KD Gear

Tuesday, July 5th 2016, 10:25 pm
By: News 9

News of Kevin Durant's departure still has many Oklahomans filled with emotions.

Many fans' frustration lead to burning their once beloved player's jersey, but an Oklahoma man wants the discarded apparel to be put to better use.

Many number 35 jerseys went up in flames on Monday as Kevin Durant declared his independence from Oklahoma City. Retailers immediately slashed their KD inventory to half off to get rid of their stock.

As news spread and fans' furry continued to burn, it sparked an idea for JD Smith.

“I thought wow what an opportunity here instead of trashing these things why not use them in a positive way? You know give them a purpose,” Smith said.

From a small post on Facebook, the "Save the Jersey" movement was born giving trashed jerseys a new home.

Working with children as a mental health professional, Smith knows the need and the impact donated KD apparel will have on Oklahomans.

“I can't tell you how many times a kid has came in and only has the clothes on their back [sic],” said Smith.

Already, Smith has seen an outpouring of support of fans donating their unwanted number 35 gear.

“I know Oklahomans do and I know when the chips are down, Oklahoma steps up, and this is one of those times Oklahomans see an opportunity as I saw the opportunity to make a difference,” said Smith.

Turning Thunder fans' trash into something that will be treasured by someone in need.

Smith is still working out the details of exactly where the unwanted Thunder gear will go, but he wants to donate it locally.

You can send you old KD gear to PO Box 58204 Oklahoma City, OK 73157.

Items can also be donated in person July 21 at the Wormy Dog Saloon during Smith's concert.