ME: Cleveland Co. Inmate Died Of Meth Poisoning

Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 10:39 am
By: News 9

The Medical Examiner’s office has ruled the in-custody death of a Cleveland County inmate accidental, saying that he died of meth poisoning. 

According to authorities, 22-year-old Austin Vance of Norman, Oklahoma, was arrested on York Drive after reports of him being intoxicated. He was taken to a Norman Regional emergency room where he was deemed fit to go to jail.  He was then put in a detoxification cell, where authorities said he started to harm himself. So they moved him to a different cell with a restraint chair.

Vance was later found unresponsive and taken to Norman Regional hospital, where he died.

The autopsy report released Wednesday says Vance was released from the restraint chair when he "springed toward the glass and slammed face first into it". Vance's methamphetamine level was tested at 0.75 mcg/ml. He died following cardiac arrest.

According to the ME’s report released on Wednesday, Vance died of complications of methamphetamine toxicity. His manner of death has been ruled accidental.