Real-Life Injuries Reported Amid 'Pokemon Go' Craze

Tuesday, July 12th 2016, 8:57 am
By: News 9

By now you've probably heard about the "Pokémon Go" smartphone app. Now, there's concern it could lead to serious injuries.

"Pokémon Go" has people wandering around with their eyes glued to their smartphones.

The game is GPS based and sends players all over looking for Pokémon characters. That means you have to physically move to interact with the game's virtual world.  Since its release last Thursday, reports have sprung up around the country of Pokémon-related injuries.

"I've been walking around trying to get a Pokémon and in the heat of the moment I might walk into a… I’ve walked into a pole. Like I just kind of jerked a little bit to the right after I did. That was the worst that happened," one gamer said.  

Just to get an idea of how popular "Pokémon Go" really is, the app has already passed Tinder in the number of daily active users on Android and is about to surpass Twitter.