Officers On High Alert Ahead Of New Online Threat

Thursday, July 14th 2016, 6:50 pm
By: Karl Torp

The owner of an Oklahoma City police supply store says officers have been buying extra protection since the Dallas ambush.

“They’re afraid of getting shot in the back,” said Cops Products Owner Mike Schoenberger.

Schoenberger sells armor that’s heavier and more protected that what a police officer typically wears on the job.

Since Dallas, he said he can hardly keep the protective gear in stock.

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“A lot of officers come to me and purchase this out of their own pockets, their families too. They want to come home,” said the former police officer.

Meanwhile, a potential threat to officers as surfaced online.

The activist group “Anonymous” is reportedly behind tomorrow's "Day of Rage."

Online video shows what appears to be violent protests and calls for demonstrators to take to the streets in 37 major US cities to protest recent police involved shootings.

OKC is not on the list, but local officers told News 9 they've heard about the event.

Others online are calling “Day of Rage” a hoax.

Midwest City Police say two years ago, a rumored "Day of Rage" was called for and nothing happened.