MWC Police Searching For Vandals Firing BB Guns In Neighborhoods

Tuesday, July 19th 2016, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

Two men were caught on camera driving away after firing several rounds from a BB gun at cars in Midwest City.

Police think the two are tied to nearly a dozen reports, including one woman who was shot.

A surveillance camera on a door bell gives Midwest City police the first look at the suspects possibly linked several shattered windows across the city.

“See right there in the center where it's shot? It shattered all the way through it,” said Guy Beal.

The SUV is usually parked on Beal's driveway, but on Monday, he moved it to the street while he cleaned out his garage. Beal said it'd only been parked there for a few hours, but it was long enough for someone to shatter his driver-side window.

Since last Thursday, Midwest City police say they've received nine reports of car windows shot out by a BB gun.

Chad McNamar was the second house hit by the vandals last week.

“My niece that was here who's 9 came outside when she got to right around here hears a pop,” said McNamar.

The shooter shattered one car window and left a dent in the other. But what has alarmed investigators now is a report of a mother outside with her kids on Monday night, hit by a BB.

“Shooting out a car window is one thing, but when you start shooting people what if they hit her in the eye?” said Midwest City Assistant Chief Sid Porter. “Someone has committed a felony. Someone has used this weapon on a person.” 

Investigators said the vandals are out in the early evening hours cruising through neighborhoods.

Police said they're looking for the two black men inside the green SUV seen in the video.