Wynnewood Police Chief Defends Officer Who Shot A Family's Dog

Thursday, July 21st 2016, 7:31 pm
By: News 9

A Wynnewood Police Officer shot a 3-year-old bull dog, pit bull mix over the weekend.

“We hear a bang. My son looked out the window and he said mom, something is wrong with Opie,” said Vickie Malone.

She said they were celebrating a birthday party that day. Several kids were inside the house when it happened.

The officer was serving a warrant for a man whose last known address was listed as Malone’s address. Police Chief Ken Moore says the officer didn’t know the dog was around the corner.

“He said the dog came at him. He kicked it back,” said Moore, “The dog came at him again and he was forced to shoot him.”

After the first gun shot, the family ran outside. They saw Opie struggling as he laid on the gravel. The family then asked the police officer to put Opie out of his misery. The police officer went back to his patrol unit to get his rifle and shot the dog again.

Chief Moore said the situation is very sad, but his officer felt Opie was vicious. “We have a right to defend ourselves so I stand by my officer in the decision that he made.”

For the family, the toughest part is knowing what their children saw. Malone said the children saw Opie get shot the second time. “My kids were all lined up at the window watching.”

Opie belonged to one of the 5-year-old boys. He said, “I really loved him so much, but I want him to come back alive.”

The children made a cross for Opie and buried him in the backyard.

Chief Moore said, “We do want to tell the family that we’re very sorry that this happened.”

He said since the incident, his officer and the police department have received several death threats, one even threatening to shoot the officer’s children. Moore says in light of recent police shootings; this is something that he is concerned about for his officer’s safety.