OKC Police: Four Suspects Wanted In Home Break-In

Friday, July 22nd 2016, 10:19 pm
By: News 9

A young single mother is brought to tears by a home break-in and a betrayal.

The woman’s name is “Ember,” and News 9 is not going to use her last name, because she is still very shaken up. 

Oklahoma City Police said four men broke into “Ember’s” home on July 5. 

Ember said the men broke in through a back door, stole four guitars, expensive stereo equipment, and two sewing machines, among other things. She said one of the burglars was her ex-boyfriend, police have identified as 30-year-old Brett Malik. 

Police said they actually know who three of the four suspects are. The only one they haven’t identified yet, is the man surveillance cameras at “The Guitar Center” on NW 59th Street recently recorded as he tried to pawn off two of the stolen guitars. 

Ember said she has been so shaken up, she is moving out of the house with her young daughter, and back in with her parents.

“It is a violation it is. I don’t even feel safe here by myself, let alone if they would have done this when me and my daughter were here. I can’t even imagine,” she said.