Law Enforcement Train In Workplace Violence Response

Saturday, July 23rd 2016, 11:19 pm
By: News 9

Quiet corporate offices were transformed into active training grounds this weekend at the Love's Village campus.

The corporate gas station powerhouse opened its doors as part of a partnership with local law enforcement.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for our law enforcement and our first responders. We are honored to open our venue to them,” Love’s Environmental and Safety Services Director Michael Key said.

According to Love's, this is the first time active shooter training has been held in a corporate setting.

“It’s not just schools. We know when it happens in a school it’s near and dear to our heart and that affects us greatly but just as often the active shooter events happen in a workplace or a public mall outdoor events even so we need to be prepared no matter where the threat arises," OHP trooper Charles Cowden said.

Oklahoma Department of Homeland Security organized the grant-funded active shooter training.

The guns they used Saturday were fake but the scenarios they are preparing for are all too real.

“I think the more realistic or an environment we can expose them to the better they can respond when it actually occurs, so it’s going to be real it’s going to be fast it’s going to be fast and under the watchful eye of some experienced trainers," The Village police Deputy Chief Russ Landon said.

Training continues Sunday with simulated ammunition rounds traveling more than 400 feet per second.