Foods You Think Are Healthy

Monday, July 25th 2016, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

From heart healthy to low fat labels, many foods appear to be healthy options. However, nutritionists warn that's not always the case. So, if you're looking to cut calories, you may want to think twice before grabbing a diet soda.

"I don't want the sugar but I like the taste of the soda," said shopper Fabiana Sareyed-Dim.

Dietitian Lindsay Malone from the Cleveland Clinic said diet drinks are loaded with artificial sweeteners that are actually sweeter than sugar.   

"So when you do have something that is a little bit sweet like a brownie it's not going to do it for you cause you're used to this ultra-sweet sensation," Malone said.

One food you may think is healthy but really isn't includes vanilla yogurt. Many assume it's just plain yogurt.

"Compare it with ice cream you're going to find the sugar content somewhat the same," she said.

Another no-no is fat-free flavored coffee creamer. The ingredients are mostly sugar and oil. Also, breakfast bars are not always a healthy option either.

"The packaging is fooling you," Malone said. "You're just choosing a candy bar for breakfast and it's not going to take you very far in your day."

If you think a muffin with fruit or fiber is a better choice, you'll be disappointed to know, it isn't.

"It's a cupcake without frosting, often with more oil, sugar and calories than a doughnut," Malone revealed.

Malone said start your day instead with fruit or a high fiber unsweetened cereal. The healthiest foods come without a label, so her best advice is to cut back on processed foods. Dietitians also say to beware of foods that have added fiber because that doesn't always make it healthier.