Petition Over Wynnewood Dog Shooting Gains 51,000 Signatures

Wednesday, July 27th 2016, 7:19 pm
By: News 9

News 9 has learned of at least two online petitions have been started, calling for the removal of a police officer who shot a dog at a birthday party in Wynnewood.

Wynnewood police Chief Ken Moore told News 9 the officer, Joshua Franklin, has been cleared of any wrongdoing, and though it is unfortunate that his officer shot and killed the dog, he did nothing illegal.

On Friday, July 21, Vickie Malone showed News 9 cellphone video of the family dog that had been shot and killed by the officer during a birthday party at their home.

The dog, named Opie, belonged to her 5-year-old son. The family said they were having a birthday party with several children over when the officer came over to serve a warrant on a man who used to live in the home.

The police chief and police report state the officer was forced to shoot the dog after it came charging at the officer.

“He said the dog came at him and he kicked it back and tried to retreat,” Moore said. “And the dog came back at him again, and he was forced to shoot it.”

Both the children and the family are not the only ones upset by what happened.

Now, at least two online petitions have been started. A Care 2 petition was started and has already received more than 51,000 supporters around the globe wanting to fire the officer.

A petition was also started by a woman in Colorado Springs, and has had more than 300 people sign it and comment on it, wanting both the officer and the chief to be held accountable for the dog's death.

“We have a right to defend ourselves,” Moore said. “I stand by my officer and the decision he made.”

News 9 checked with the Garvin County District Attorney Greg Mashburn and he said he had not heard about the shooting or the petition but is now looking into it.