Blanchard Girl Raises Money To Make Police 'Goodie Bags'

Wednesday, July 27th 2016, 11:04 pm
By: News 9

An 8-year-old is raising money to create ‘goodie bags’ for police in Blanchard.

Raylee Mullenix’s mom Rheana Bryant said her daughter is very interested in the news and even at 8 years old she recognizes that police officers could use some encouragement right now.

Bryant said Raylee first started this at home by asking her mom how to spell ‘America’ and went out the door.

She’d made a sign that said “America Help The Police” and taped it to a cooler and sat outside asking for donations. Although, Bryant said Raylee wasn’t able to see much traffic at their home.

So Wednesday, they set up at a local car wash and brought cookies to give to anyone donating money for their cause.

Raylee and her friend chanted and held signs as several people stopped to give money.

“I think when she heard about all these different things that our police officers are going through around our country, it really bothered her,” Bryant said.

“I don’t want them to have a hard time,” Raylee said. “They actually deserve to have this. They rescued people a lot of times.”

By the end of Wednesday, she exceeded her goal - raising more than $200 to buy gift cards, snacks and other pick-me-ups for police.

“For somebody so young that shouldn’t have a care in the world and she’s worried about us and wants to show us how much she appreciates us, that’s great for us,” said Officer Jacquelyn Searson with Blanchard Police.