Copy-11 Years Later: Woman Remembers Son's Near Drowning In Arkansas River

Thursday, July 28th 2016, 2:27 am
By: News 9

Robyn Page remembers when she got the call about her son being in critical condition after nearly drowning in the Arkansas River 11 years ago.

She also remembers hearing grave news from the doctor about her son's chance of survival.

“He said in order to keep this boy, you're going to have to have a miracle," she recalled.

That miracle happened.

Now at 26, Jonathan is on a slow recovery but is in high spirits.

Mom says he's always smiling and happy, despite the pain and trauma he suffered from being trapped under the water for five minutes.

After years of rehabilitation, Page wrote a book about her family's experience.

The book carries a spiritual message with it.

Every chapter documents Jonathan's journey, from the initial news reports of the accident to recovery.  

When asked what does she hope people learn from this tremendous journey she said, “That they're not the only one's out there going through trials, [and] that with the grace of God that we can make it through it and we can grow from it, gain strength.”

Page hopes to use the money from the book sales to help buy a new wheelchair accessible van for her son.

To help, visit Jonathan’s GoFundMe page.