Man Accused Of Kidnapping, Raping Woman At Norman Zoo

Monday, August 1st 2016, 3:34 pm

A Norman man is accused of kidnapping a woman and raping her at an abandoned zoo. 

Police were called to the old Little River Zoo Thursday on a report that a woman was inside being held against her will by 38-year-old Larry Rouse; an ex-con who was living in a house on the property.

"Officers were able to make it on to the premises and actually make contact with that individual, who said that the individual who was holding her against her will was actually asleep inside the house,” said Norman Police spokesperson, Sarah Jensen. “But there were lots of guns and potentially explosives."

Online records show the property is still owned by the man who ran the zoo. Police aren't sure why Rouse was staying there. The property has become overgrown since the zoo closed down in 2011.  

"Very overgrown. Very abandoned,” Jensen said. “Lots of buildings and storage areas and homes on that property and so it took our officers a while to make their way through and make sure they could safely get to that individual."

After about four hours, police were able to convince Rouse to give up. 

Leroy and Cindy Malicott have lived next to the property for about 13 years. 

"We’ve never had any problems out here. We don't have any real problems or any kidnappings or anything like that that I’ve ever seen," Leroy said.

Rouse is in the Cleveland County Jail charged with kidnapping, rape and several counts involving firearms.