Thieves Steal Woman's Car, Belongings From Her SW OKC Driveway

Monday, August 1st 2016, 6:59 pm
By: News 9

An Oklahoma City family is hoping to get their vehicle and belongings back. Two thieves broke into one pickup, where they found spare keys to another car and stole it.

Jennifer Nassar said her Nissan Murano was only six months old. The surveillance isn’t clear, but it shows two people getting the car and driving away with it.

“I had about $3,000 worth of golf clubs, my daughter’s softball equipment, just various other things,” said Nassar.

They had recently returned home from vacation, and didn’t clean out the car yet.

Nassar said there were three cars in the driveway, and her boyfriend’s pickup was parallel parked next to the mailbox. She said all the cars were locked, but the suspects still broke into the pickup where there were spare keys to two other cars.

She is concerned the suspects will come back with that second set of spare keys and steal her other care.

“We’ve kind of got it blocked in where they wouldn’t be able to get it out, so hopefully that will help,” she said.

She is asking everyone to keep an eye out for her dark blue car. It has an Oklahoma license plate, 626-LFS.

Nassar and other neighbors say this isn’t the first time. Her surveillance camera also caught two people breaking into her cars the same time last year. She wants these criminals off the streets.

“We all work hard for what we have and it just really stinks when somebody comes sand takes it from you,” said Nassar.