Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Del City Police Car

Monday, August 1st 2016, 10:21 pm
By: News 9

A suspected drunk driver totaled a Del City police car while the captain was out patrolling for impaired drivers.

Thankfully, the captain suffered minor injuries, but the driver was hauled off to jail for suspicion of driving under the influence.

News 9 found quite a lengthy rap sheet on Willie Robbins that dates back to the '90s, including multiple DUI offenses.

He now faces a felony charge for Saturday's crash.

Capt. Brian Wofford, a 21-year Del City police veteran, began his extra shift patrolling the streets of Del City late Saturday night as part of the ENDUI program.

“That was going to be my first stop of the night,” Wofford said.

Out looking to stop impaired drivers, Wofford noticed a car whiz past him on Reno, traveling the other direction.

Wofford said he flipped on his emergency lights near Sunnylane Road then began to make a U-turn.

“When I see the vehicle and notice that he is not stopping and he is traveling at a high speed, I realize I’m about to be in an accident. What went through my mind was how is he not seeing me?” said Wofford.

The driver collided with the back corner of Wofford's patrol car, totaling the vehicle.

“He told me he didn't mean to hit the police,” said Wofford. “This person shouldn't have been behind the wheel period. Let alone drinking, but he has numerous previous driving under the influence charges and convictions. His license is not even valid.”

Police said Robbins' license has been invalid for the past 24 years, yet court record show he continued to drive. News 9j found numerous traffic tickets going back 20 years.

Robbins now faces a slew of charges including felony DUI and driving without a license.