OKC Police Look For Help After Family Business Burglary

Tuesday, August 2nd 2016, 5:37 pm

Oklahoma City police are looking for a man accused of prying his way into a family-owned welding business and stole over $1,000’s worth of tools.

Wright Welding has been in business since 1936.

“My granddad started, my great-granddad was in it with him,” said owner Bo Wright.

They've been on the corner of NE 10 and Wisconsin Avenue since 1942.

“We have only had three break-ins the whole time here,” said Wright.

Before recently, the last time was 15 years ago. That's when Wright put in an alarm. He later added an elaborate surveillance system which caught almost every move of the burglar from when he crept onto the property through a hole in the fence.

The man unsuccessfully tried to break into one building before peeling back the sheet metal to get into a garage where a work truck was parked with a tool box on the back.  

“He just popped it up and of course, it’s full of hand tools,” explained Wright.  “He just kind of unloaded them and carried them out through the wall.”

After tossing the tools out of the hole he made in the side of the building, the burglar left. A couple hours later, he was back.

He grabbed more tools from the garage then tried to use a hammer to try pry open the back door of the welding shop. That set off the alarm and the burglar took off running. 

The burglar was able to get away but not without one of Wright's surveillance cameras capturing a clear picture of his face.

If you recognize the person call Crime Stoppers at 235-7300.  Police think the man may be responsible for other similar crimes in the area.