OKC Police Issue Warrant For Dog Owner In Deadly Attack

Thursday, August 4th 2016, 10:28 pm
By: News 9

Nine months after five pit bulls took the life of a metro man, his family says they're closer to justice.

Edgar Brown was attacked while taking out his trash last year. On Thursday, August 4, the dog's owner was charged in connection with his death.

For months, the victim's brother begged for the dogs' owner to be held responsible for Edgar Brown's death. Now, he's one step closer to closure.

“People got to be responsible for their dogs and if their dogs kill somebody as far as I’m concerned you killed them,” said Dexter Brown.

And now, police see it that way too. On Thursday, police issued an arrest warrant for a second degree manslaughter charge against Juan Diaz.

Brown says his brother, Edgar, was rushed to the ER after being attacked by Diaz's five pit bulls while taking out the trash last October.

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“My brother is in there. Blood all over the floor, meat hanging off of him. He was laying on the cot soaking wet in blood,” said Brown.

Edgar told his brother the pit bulls had him pinned for nearly 10 minutes before a neighbor came to his rescue.

“They had him on the ground on the back of his neck the other four had both arms and leg and he was screaming 'Help! Help!',” his brother said.

Edgar was hospitalized for 12 days following the attack. An infection in his both his legs and arm forced doctors to amputate. He eventually passed away for his injuries.

“It shouldn't have happened to nobody like this. Nobody should die like that,” said Brown.

Not knowing if criminal charges would ever be filed against Diaz, Brown filed a wrongful death lawsuit against him in April.

“The accountability side of it isn't going to come from the civil side because once we get a verdict it's just going to get bankrupted. The accountability is going to come on the criminal side and we are glad the state has stepped up and done that,” said Noble McIntyre, Brown’s attorney.

All five pit bulls were euthanized as a result of the attack.