84-Year-Old Woman Fights Back Against Purse Snatcher In Del City

Friday, August 5th 2016, 10:11 pm
By: News 9

An 84-year old metro woman fights back when a man grabs her purse in a Del City parking lot. The mugger broke her wrist before leading police on a chase.

“I just did what come naturally. You know? [sic.]” said the woman.

The 84-year-old woman asked us to protect her identify because her accused attacker is now out on bond.

She met him last Thursday morning, in the Walmart parking lot off Tinker Diagonal. After a doctor's appointment, she decided to pop into the store for a few items.

“He asked me if I had my cellphone so he could call the police. He'd been ran into. And I said, ‘Sorry, I’ve left it at home’,” she said.

Despite not having her phone on her, the man identified by Del City Police as Andre Chaney, proceeded to show her the damage to his car. That's when she says Chaney made his move.

“I said you're not going to steal my purse are you? I just couldn't believe it. He looked like such a nice looking guy. He jerked. I jerked. He jerked. I jerked,” she said.

She says Chaney managed to rip her purse out of her grip, so to try and stop him from leaving, she blocked the door.

“Then he laid down in the seat of the car and with his feet he pushed me back and I fell backwards,” she said.

The fall broke her wrist and bruised her tailbone, but the man took off with the purse.

Police caught up with Chaney near S.E. 44th and Bryant, but they say he didn't give up until after a short chase on foot.

“I didn't have any money, poor guy. He didn't get any money. So I had free samples from the dermatologist is all I had in there,” she said.