EMSA Opens New Edmond Hub

Friday, August 5th 2016, 10:13 pm
By: News 9

EMSA opened a second hub to help keep their units stocked with supplies and save time. It's located in Edmond, where they said the population they serve has grown in a big way.

They recently opened the new hub near 33rd and Kelly. 

EMSA Clinical Services Coordinator Heather Yazdanipour called their ambulance trucks “rolling emergency rooms”.

They're stocked with vital tools to treat patients and ready to respond all over Oklahoma County and beyond.

“We run 12-hour shifts and our crews are non-stop busy and so they’ll run out of things,” she said.

Before the new hub opened, Yazdanipour said medics would have to either wait on a supply truck to come from the South Walker location, or that ambulance would be taken out of service until it can get there for more supplies.

That time now is cut down tremendously with this new location.

Right now, they're deploying seven trucks from the new hub and will look at expanding that fleet in the future, if needed.