Woman Accused Of Scamming Family Appears In Court

Monday, August 8th 2016, 8:15 pm

A woman accused of ripping off an 11-year-old girl who is battling cancer made her first appearance in court Monday.

Carla Dunn is accused of stealing about $30,000 donated to the family of Dani Killman, leaving the Killmans homeless.

Dunn didn't have anything to say to News 9 as she left the Lincoln County courthouse.  

Dunn also used the aliases Carla Jones; Carla Kruger; Carla Morgan; Carla Garrett; Carla Montgomery and Carla Riddle.

The Killmans said they trusted Dunn to handle their finances while they focused on Dani's health.  

"What she done is she preyed on a girl who's got cancer that's 11-years-old. Right now, we should be in the house we should be doing things as a family but are not able to afford those things," said Dani's father, Roy Killman

The Killmans said they lost their home because Dunn stole the money that was supposed to be used for bills.

The whole time, they said, Dunn was promising Dani that she had a ranch where Dani could work with other kids with cancer.  

"Through the darkest times she went through, some really bad medical treatments, and the thing it was getting her through that was the horse ranch that had been promised," said Dani's mother, Val Killman. "They sent Dani pictures on her cellphone of the pond at the ranch."

Turns out the ranch didn't exist.  

"She hurt Dani deep. But not only just to Dani but she hurt her family," Roy Killman said.

The courtroom was filled with people supporting Dani and her family, and looking for justice.

"It's frustrating. Because I know she's going to come in and play the victim card in this and she's not the victim. She's, she's a predator," Val Killman said.

Dani and her family are staying with relatives until they can save up enough for a home of their own. If convicted, Dunn faces up to five years in prison.

"She just is not a very good person," Dani said. "I could probably go on for days about what she did."

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