Bond Denied For Tulsa Dentist Accused Of Killing OKC Child

Wednesday, August 17th 2016, 9:29 am
By: News 9

A judge has denied bond for a Tulsa dentist arrested in the death of an Oklahoma City child.

Bert Franklin appeared Wednesday morning for his bond hearing. He is charged with first-degree murder in connection to the death of 19-month-old Lincoln Lewis. He is being held at the Oklahoma County Jail without bond. His attorney confirmed they have filed paperwork to ask for a bond.

A judge denied bond for Franklin, saying he's a danger to the community. 

On Tuesday, Franklin was charged with fraud after a patient let him put $15,000 on her credit card for new equipment, but he allegedly charged her $80,000.

Officials said patients needing dental records from Franklin's office needs to fill out a form with the state dentistry board.

Tulsa police said they plan to arrest Franklin in court on Wednesday on the new Tulsa County charge.

Also inside the courtroom were members of Bert Franklin's family and Roxanne Randall, the mother of the baby Franklin is accused of killing and who detectives identify as Bert Franklin's girlfriend. Court records state Franklin is married and has four children of his own.

State prosecutors objected to the request for bond stating, they believe Franklin is a flight risk. Prosecutors said his business is crumbling and claim Franklin also made death threats to the victim's mother.

A detective with Oklahoma City police took the stand to testify in the bond reduction hearing. She said she is the lead investigator on the case. She responded to Mercy Hospital when Lincoln Lewis was brought in with head injuries. She said the injuries did not appear to be accidental.

The detective said Lincoln had an injury to his eye that his mother said was from a prior accidental fall incident. She testified the baby had spent time with his aunt and uncle, so Roxanne Randall could go on a date night to celebrate her dating anniversary with Bert Franklin. Randall reportedly told the detective that when they returned that evening, she went to do a cabinet project upstairs and left Franklin alone in the living room with the baby. The detective said Randall told her she heard a thud and when she came to check the noise and asked Franklin what happened, and he told her he threw a ball to the puppy in the room and that Lincoln was fine and just sleeping, and he told her not to wake him.

Randall reportedly told the detective that when she woke in the morning, Franklin asked her if the baby slept with his eyes open often, and she said she looked over and noticed unusual breathing and told Franklin to call 911.

The detective testified that the home has a security system with a live feed video DVR and 20-minute motion-activated clips. She said Lincoln was transferred to Tulsa's Children's hospital since Children's hospital in Oklahoma City was full, and Lincoln had life-threatening injuries.

Prosecutors showed pictures of Lincoln while in the hospital. The pictures show Lincoln with his eyes open, but the detective said Lincoln was in a coma and unresponsive.

Prosecutors also showed pictures of the crime scene inside Roxanne Randall's home. They included pictures of the living room, the stairs to the upstairs, and the room where Randall was doing her DIY cabinet project upstairs. They also showed pictures of the cameras from the security system.

Franklin was moved from the defense table closer to the judge's bench to see and hear the state's evidence being presented. And where he sat was right in front of Roxanne Randall, placing him just feet away from his former lover and mother of the child he is accused of murdering.

Prosecutor showed a surveillance video taken from inside the home. Franklin can be seen walking around, getting pizza, getting a bottle, and detective said she then sees Franklin making a violent kicking motion in the vicinity where baby Lincoln was reportedly lying. A column in the house is obstructing the view of where the child was.

Randall, her family and friends started crying out loud as prosecutors continue to go over the video and question the detective about what was happening. The video also shows Franklin holding the baby and then grabbing a slice of pizza. The child was lying limp in his arms. 

The detective said the video shows kicking motion of where the baby was and it corroborates with the head injuries sustained by baby Lincoln. 

She testified there was also evidence that Franklin was abusive with his own children. There was a DHS referral back in December on Franklin's 10-year-old daughter. She said Franklin's wife was told during the investigation into Lincoln's death to not to have any contact with Franklin. Detectives show Franklin did reach out and make contact with his wife. 

Prosecutor also read text messages between Roxanne Randall and Bert Franklin about Franklin's daughter and the alleged abuse. Investigators in Tulsa are now investigating if the school could face a misdemeanor for failing to report or follow through on the reported abuse.

Prosecutor also brought up how Randall filed a protective order against Franklin on July 28, after the death of her son.

The detective said in jail phone calls with his wife, Franklin referenced the protective order and asked his wife to shut down bank accounts that "other person" is on. The detective said that other person is Roxanne Randall.

Prosecutor also brings up text messages made between Franklin and Lincoln's biological father. The detective said in those text messages, Franklin threatened to kill the father, skin him alive, and slaughter anything that means anything to him.

The detective said this is very important as to why Franklin should not be awarded bond. 

News 9 and will keep you updated.