Army Veteran Raises Money To Train Service Dog

Wednesday, August 17th 2016, 6:56 pm
By: Karl Torp

A former Army specialist is hoping you have his back during a dark time in his life.

The disabled veteran, who served two tours in Iraq, suffers from PTSD. Fortunately, he’s finding hope through a unique friendship.

Chris Boulay found Blaze, a black German shepherd puppy, on the side of road nearly two months ago.

The two have been inseparable since.

“Anytime something is not right in the head, he’s already there,” said Boulay about his dog.

“It’s been quite a difference. He’s been a lot calmer,” Katrina Houle said about her fiancé.

The couple hopes to help Blaze become a friend no matter the place or situation.

They are raising $3,000 to help the puppy eventually get certified as a service dog.

Since Boulay suffers from PTSD, part of the training would include learning how to recognize when the veteran is having a nightmare and wake him from his sleep.

Boulay said there are organizations that provide service dogs to veterans, but he doesn’t want to part with Blaze.

“He’s my battle buddy," said Boulay. “You can’t get an closer as friends than me and him.”

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