Will Rogers World Airport Evaluating Security Following Deadly Shooting

Thursday, November 17th 2016, 10:37 pm
By: News 9

Both police and airport workers confirm Lloyd Buie,45, of Oklahoma City, drove his red truck into the airport, searched for a spot facing the employee parking lot, parked the truck and left, making it appear he was like any other traveler until he returned on Tuesday.

Even though there are surveillance cameras, security patrols, and police stationed all over the airport terminal and grounds, it did not deter Lloyd Buie from carrying out his plan.

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But airport officials insist the airport and parking lots are safe, and they have eyes on them at all times.

"We have 2,800 spaces in the two garages, so it's a lot of territory to cover," said Karen Carney, a spokesperson for Will Rogers World Airport. "But they're constantly going throughout all of the levels, throughout the day and at night."

The airport even does an inventory of all the cars left overnight as an added security measure. But there was nothing about the red truck that Lloyd Buie left behind that caused any sort of suspicion. Especially, since it's not unusual for travelers' vehicles to be left unattended for days in the long-term parking lot.

"It's not unusual to have cars there for two or three weeks," said Carney.

And it seemed Buie used that fact to his advantage. 

Police said inside his truck they found food, a handgun and a high-powered rifle with a scope. But they believe Buie returned sometime on Tuesday to carry out the deadly shooting, using the rifle to kill 52-year-old Michael Winchester, and then using the handgun to kill himself while sitting inside his truck.

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"Was he living there? Was he waiting there for days? No, he wasn't," said Captain Paco Balderrama with the Oklahoma City Police Department. "Did he have supplies inside the truck? Yeah, he did."

Now, the airport is reevaluating their procedures in light of Tuesday's tragedy, to see what they can do better. But they are encouraging everyone if they ever see anything suspicious, to go ahead and report it.